an actor performing in a tuồng act on the stage at Nguyen Hien Dinh Theater.

A Cultural Experience in Da Nang: Traditional Art Performances at Nguyen Hien Dinh Theater

Đà Nẵng is not just a picturesque city with stunning beaches but also a city with rich cultural heritage. Among its cultural venues is the Nguyễn Hiển Dĩnh Classical Drama Theater, dedicated to the traditional Vietnamese theater form known as tuồng. If you are interested in exploring traditional Vietnamese performing arts, we recommend watching a…

Taisho romance exhibition at Hyakudan Kaidan in Tokyo.

Hyakudan Kaidan – An Off-the-Beaten-Path Place to Visit in Tokyo

Constructed in 1935, Hyakudan Kaidan, or the “One Hundred Steps Staircase,” is a remarkable cultural and architectural gem in Tokyo. In addition to being an architectural landmark, the place regularly hosts art exhibitions, cultural displays, and events celebrating Japanese heritage. For visitors looking to explore traditional Japanese art and architecture, away from the usual tourist…

Storefront of Hassun restaurant in Kyoto.

Review: Hassun Restaurant in Kyoto

Kyoto cuisine is celebrated for its beautiful presentation, high-quality seasonal ingredients, and subtle, refined flavors. Located in Higashiyama Ward, Hassun is a well-regarded restaurant that isn’t overly expensive or difficult to book compared to other establishments in its class. We think Hassun is an excellent option for a memorable Japanese course meal in Kyoto. Here…